So when I was in Junior high I had this word processor, and I used it. I used it to make these lists; the two that people liked the most were “Things that are cool” and “Stuff that sucks”. They were by no means exhaustive, I mean really how would that even be possible? Seriously? how could someone keep up with all the new stuff that is sucking all the time?

In this last year I’ve been getting lots and lots of requests to  recreate these two lists. Of course I can’t capture that youthful idealism that I used to have; I think all the pockets of my identity where the hope and fantasy used to live are all musty and caustic  from the cynicism that I’ve been growing in there. What I mean is that I can’t possibly recreate those lists, but what I can do is update the idea, or at least try. I mean I can’t decide what’s cool and what sucks, I”m just really good at identifying which group things fall into.

Well I guess it’s not that cut and dry but something can’t be cool at the same time as it sucks.

Since, as I mentioned, I won’t be able to list everything that is cool and everything that sucks, you may have to send my your thoughts of things that I’ve missed. I wrote some stuff out this morning over breakfast (by morning I mean 12:00).

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