A few things that are cool

Ergonomic toilet seats, Band-Aids that look like strips of bacon, cellular telephones, saying the full name of things, cartoons that are not intended to be viewed by children, astrophysicists, Canada, home made clothes (well some home made clothes),

house plants, geodesic domes, that book Buckminster Fuller wrote: Untitled Epic Poem On The History Of Industrialization, nano-bots, coffee, Reggae, sustainability,

Laser floss, silent bullets (bullets aren’t especially cool because they kill more people than moustaches, but if they were silent, now that would be something worth noting, and possibly even referring to as cool)

When you say something seriously and then people laugh because they think you’re joking and then you can say, “No but seriously, sharks DO have very sharp teeth and your father probably DID die a very painful death.”

The Navy's controvertial "Shark Antagonizing Prorgam"

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  1. It means a lot to me that my 30 year old home, a geodesic dome, is once more cool.

    • Greg, anything you do is cool, sometimes it just takes 30 for people to figure it out.

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